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At HEALOR , we understand what it means to truly care and cure because we understand that your health and that of those you love is what matters most. Every day we strive to always attend to our patients with the best form of respect, attention and caution. Caution in the sense that we never jump to conclusions without fully understanding our patient’s complaints and carrying out the required confirmatory tests. We see everyone who walks through our doors as someone special, someone who needs our undiluted level of expertise. This is why we have kept high standards for ourselves when it comes to attending to our patients.

The birth of HEALOR on August 2017 was motivated by the lack of proper treatment most people received from other primary healthcare centers, people often complained of long wait hours, getting wrong diagnosis and overpriced treatment plans from such centers whose aim was obviously to exploit their patients without considering the negative effects. We therefore decided to be a watchtower and give the people the true healthcare that they deserve. From the moment you step through our doors we want to exceed your expectations. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience that makes you feel comfortable, appreciated and safe.

We are specialists in Hormone Replacement Therapies, Physician Prescribed weight loss programs, internal medicine and other primary healthcare services. Our love for our patients also extends to helping them manage their finances efficiently, this is why we have also created an elite member program where our patients get unlimited visits to see and consult with the doctor and receive prescription medications at nice discounts. With a Team of highly experienced medical practitioners you can be sure to get the best healthcare without regret.

Our methods are affordable, extremely safe and very effective. We have the best resources to ensure that our patients attain and maintain a better and healthy life. Our Job is to significantly improve our patients’ quality of life and life expectancy through a comprehensive treatment plan, a treatment plan that is rational, affordable and convenient.

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Dr. Raj Singh MD,FACP,FASN

Dr. Raj Singh MD,FACP,FASN

Dr. Raj Singh MD, FACP, FASN

Dr. Raj Singh MD, FACP, FASN , 40 years of age is an Internist and Nephrologist who specializes in Health wellness, Hormone Balancing, weight loss and anti-aging therapies. He has trained numerous physicians, Allied health professionals, pharmacist and others over the past decade in the art and science of overall wellness and comprehensive health management instead of the traditional symptom and drug based approach.

Dr. Singh practices at Healor and seven heart spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is an assistant professor of medicine at the UNLV School of Medicine. Dr. Singh has received multiple Top Doctor Awards and has appeared on radio shows. He is considered an expert in wellness and anti-aging circles and teaches at national and international medical conferences.His Educational Videos can be found at his youtube channel


Awards and Publications:

Top 100 Doctors Las Vegas Magazine 2019

Resident Teaching Award UNLV 2018
Top Nephrologist Nevada Health Tap 2017
“Top Doctors 2016” Vegas INC
“Top Doctors 2016” Health Care Quarterly
“Top Doctors 2015” Vegas INC healthcare quarterly
Radio Talk Show” Healthy Living” August 2014 KJUL/KOOL102.3 Radio
Top Nephrologist Nevada by HealthTap
Las Vegas Life « Top Docs 2013 »
EKG Excellence Award, University of Nevada School of Medicine 2008
“Thumbs up” Award, University Of Nevada School Of Medicine, Las Vegas.
Best student in Pharmacology Award. VMKV Medical College, India.


Thu-Hong Tran, PA-C

Thu-Hong Tran, PA-C is a physician assistant with professional experience in primary care, pain management, and weight management. As a refugee from a war-torn country, she has worked hard to achieve her American dream and give back to the community through volunteer work with underserved populations in the United States and abroad. It is her goal to advocate for all her patients and provide for their care with compassionate consciousness of the unique difficulties they may face. She uses an empathetic approach in her practice, and she knows how important it is to build lasting relationships through open communication and collaboration with both her patients and her teammates in health care. In her leisure time, she enjoys practicing yoga, trying out new recipes, and traveling the world