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Female Sexual Health

Many factors can impact a woman's sexual health, including menopause, hormone disorders, psychological conditions, and certain medical disorders.


While erectile dysfunction in men may be more widely popularized, women also regularly experience sexual wellness issues. Female sexual dysfunction is incredibly common, and nearly every woman will experience problems related to her intimate health at one point or another. Our compassionate and skilled doctors at HEALOR take every step necessary to learn about your specific concerns and design a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve relief. We also offer a range of treatments to enhance or restore your sexual health, depending on your unique situation. To schedule your yearly checkup or receive treatment for any problems you may be experiencing, schedule your confidential consultation at our office in Las Vegas, NV. Our team prioritizes your privacy and comfort throughout each and every visit to our practice.

Sexual dysfunction can represent itself in many ways among women, and the specific signs or symptoms you experience may vary, depending on the underlying cause of your condition. Some issues that women with sexual dysfunction may experience include:

Painful sex

Decreased vaginal lubrication

Lower libido

Anorgasmia (lack of orgasms)



Physical and psychological factors may contribute negatively to female sexual health just as they do with men; however, as long as individuals are proactive with seeking care, these issues may be addressed or reversed altogether. Natural life events and medical problems may also impact an individual's sexual health. These can include menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, diabetes, hormonal issues, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and more. Women who are over the age of 40 are also at an increased risk to have concerns with their intimate wellness. Our skilled physicians at HEALOR can provide successful treatment for female sexual dysfunction with services to target the underlying causes of their symptoms. Our doctors take the time to find out about any problems you may be facing and design a personalized treatment program to restore your health.


At your appointment, we may ask you to describe your medical and sexual history and if any of your symptoms have impacted your relationships. Our compassionate and caring approach to intimate issues is the ideal environment for you to be open and honest about any problems you may be having. This information is instrumental in helping us develop a treatment regimen that fits your unique needs. Once we identify the sources of your problems, we can treat you for each specific cause. The treatment options we offer will be based on your concerns and may include certain medications, PRP therapy, femilift laser vaginal rejuvenation and other options.


What is sexual health for women?

When we refer to women's or female sexual health, this means a psychological state of well-being where a woman feels comfortable both physically and mentally to participate in and enjoy sexual activity. It is influenced by a full range of factors, including physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social.


Are sexual health problems normal for women?

Actually, many women at some time may have issues with their sexual health. Almost 50% of women may have ongoing issues with sex, including lowered libido (sex drive), pain during intercourse, or trouble achieving orgasm. It can happen at almost any age for women, but after the age of 40 and during or post-menopause, these issues can be more common.


How do I know if I'm having a sexual health problem?

Sexual health issues are often very personal and unique for each woman experiencing them, but a few common indicators of sexual health issues include:

  • Little to no interest in sex

  • Difficulty achieving orgasm

  • Pain during intercourse

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you can always contact HEALOR and schedule a private consultation with one of our experienced physicians to discuss your health and treatment options.


Patients of both sexes experience problems with their intimate wellness. Women can become especially vulnerable to a decrease in their sexual health when they reach a certain age and stop menstruating. Thankfully, revolutionary treatments make it possible to restore the health and function of the sexual organs and enhance many individuals' lives. To schedule your one-on-one with one of our highly skilled doctors, contact HEALOR in Las Vegas, NV and learn all about your options.

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