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A Guide to Male Sexual Health and Treatments

Updated: 24 hours ago

Male Sexual Health

Sexual dysfunction or problems are defined as any issues during the sexual response cycle that inhibits the satisfaction of any man or couple during sexual activity. There are 4 main responses that a person should exhibit during sex:

  • The Excitement Phase

  • The Plateau

  • The Orgasm

  • The Resolution

However, some people can have problems with one or more of these responses.

Research shows that sexual dysfunction is a common problem, but a lot of the time, people may be hesitant to discuss it. 43% of women report such issues, but only 31% of men report having sexual problems, and they do so with a degree of hesitancy and difficulty, despite the problem being more prevalent among men. It is important to remember that most cases of male sexual health problems are treatable.

Causes of Male Sexual Health Problems