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DOT Physical Exam Las Vegas

Updated: 1 day ago

DOT Physical Exam

DOT Physical Exam Las Vegas

A career as a commercial driver in Las Vegas may give you the type of work you enjoy. The opportunity to do something different every day instead of sitting at the same desk or workstation has its advantages. A commercial driver's license (CDL) requires a dot medical exam las vegas by a Certified Medical Examiner on the National Registry (NRCME). At our HEALOR Primary Care clinic , we can conduct the test you need for your DOT card. These twenty-one tips can guide you through the process.

1. What is dot physical exam?

The Department of Transportation requires dot physicals las vegas before anyone can get a CDL. The requirement means that you need to pass an approved physical exam before you may use your license. The exam checks to make sure your physical and mental health qualify you to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

2. What does the dot physical exam consist of?