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Las Vegas' Healor Primary Care Practice Offers Affordable Care

Updated: 23 hours ago

Primary Care Doctor Las Vegas

Healor Primary Care announces the arrival of affordable medical care with economic wellness plans and a wholesale drug pharmacy.

The unique concept offers access to complete medical services for everyone and extends a welcome to anyone who cannot afford to pay traditional fees.

An elite member program allows patients to receive unlimited visits for medical exams and consultation, prescription discounts at cost from the wholesale pharmacy and exceptional professional care.

“We improve patients’ quality of life and life expectancy through comprehensive treatment plans that everyone can afford,” said Dr. Raj Singh, M.D., FACP, FASN. “Our practice offers helping hands to ones who need it the most.”

At Healor, patients can receive the full range of health care services with wellness plans that cost as little as $60 per month. The primary care practice accepts Medicaid.

Access to the wholesale pharmacy allows patients to buy noncontrolled medications at cost, a significant reduction in expense for potentially life-saving drugs. Healor offers the discount as a community service that stands as unique in the state.

An emphasis on approaching each medical issue with curiosity about root causes supports the practice’s focus on wellness and prevention. The Healor philosophy incorporates accessibility and economy that encourages patients to seek medical attention sooner rather than later.

Typical services at Healor include annual checkups, blood and urine tests, X-ray interpretation, screening for dangerous illnesses and management of high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients may also seek treatment from specialists for weight loss, fatigue, male and female sexual health, hair loss, transgender issues and hormone balancing. The practice fills a space that Dr. Singh considered neglected by traditional medical approaches.