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Learn About the Treatment Options for Medical Weight Loss

Updated: 1 day ago

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When it comes to losing weight, people try everything from extreme diets to obscure supplements. These unproven methods may lead to serious health issues. Medical weight loss is a proven way to lose weight while under the care of a physician. Dr. Raj Singh is a double board-certified physician who offers personalized weight loss programs for patients in Las Vegas, NV.

If you are continuously disappointed by fad diets and feelings of hunger, HEALOR Primary Care is here to help. Our professionals offer effective medical weight loss solutions in the form of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), nutritional counseling, and prescription drugs. Contact our office to schedule an appointment and learn how these custom treatments can give you the results you want.

Who should get medical weight loss?

The doctors and expert staff at HEALOR Primary Care perform a thoro