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Medically Managed Weight Loss: You're Not Alone In This!

Updated: 1 day ago

Managed Weight Loss

So you’ve gained the freshman five or ten eaten too much of your new wife’s cooking or just got just plain absorbed in life and forgot to take care of you first and now you are seeking the benefit of weight loss!

That describes a lot of people out there. There are twice those numbers looking for a way to “fix” the damage they have done. Good news…you can fix this. With hard work, determination, the right plan, and help from a medical professional, anything is possible. And you may ask since I’m gearing up for all this hard work, what good will it all do? What are the benefits of weight loss?

5-10 Pound Weight Loss

Losing just five pounds can have a positive effect on your blood pressure. The heavier you are, the harder your heart has to work to pump blood through your veins. Give it a break! Even five pounds can make a difference!

A 5-10 pound benefit of weight loss is help with those minor joint aches that start to bother you once the scale tips into the overweight realm. Let’s exercise those creaky joints. The 5-10 pound weight loss makes it just that much easier.

Clearer Skin and a Brighter Social Life

Did you know your skin will benefit from weight loss? Clear and bright skin follow suit once you start eating more fruits and veggies. Not to mention the water you will be drinking. All serve to nourish the skin and fill up that bottomless pit! Have a salad as often as you can with every meal if you like and notice the changes.

A bigger, brighter social life! That’s right to think of going to the gym or going for a run as a social event. Put your best work out duds on and head for the gym! Nothing says sexy like breaking a sweat. Let your personality shine as you gain confidence and make new friends that are all involved in the one healthy activity you have chosen to showcase in your life! The social benefit of weight loss is incredible!