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Is oral Testosterone Better?

Can you believe it? Oral testosterone is a thing now.

In the past, when a client asked me about oral testosterone, my answer was that we could not take Oral testosterone due to the risk of toxicity to the liver. I am pleased that oral testosterone options are available now with the recent approval by the FDA of testosterone undecanoate with brand names such as kyzatrex, Jatenzo, Tlando.

What are some of the symptoms of low testosterone in men?

The symptoms of low testosterone in men can include:

  1. Low sex drive or libido.

  2. Erectile dysfunction or difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.

  3. Reduced muscle mass and strength.

  4. Increased body fat, especially around the waistline.

  5. Decreased bone density and increased risk of fractures.

  6. Mood changes, such as depression, irritability, or difficulty concentrating.

  7. Fatigue or lack of energy.

  8. Loss of body hair or thinning of facial or body hair.

  9. Infertility or low sperm count.

  10. Hot flashes or sweats.