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What Are Vitamins and Which Are Essential?

When it comes to vitamins, different ones play different roles in our bodies. Vitamins are organic compounds that you need in small amounts. Most vitamins need to come from food as our bodies either do not produce them or produce very little. Every person requires a different amount of each to remain healthy. At HEALOR Primary Care, Dr. Raj Singh can evaluate your vitamin and mineral levels from blood work taken at your annual exam. He works diligently to ensure his patients feel their best in Las Vegas, NV. This blood draw will detect current vitamin levels.

From these results, he can make professional recommendations on which vitamins and how much you should take to feel your best. He can help provide information on what vitamins give you energy, as when we age, our energy levels decline. Ultimately, vitamins and minerals help boost the immune system, support growth and development, and help your cells and organs do their jobs properly.

What are the essential vitamins?

There are currently 13 different essential vitamins, which are important to our overall health, including: