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When Will You See Results After Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Transitioning is an important decision for many of our patients in Las Vegas, NV. When you’re interested in transitioning, hormone replacement therapy can help. During a consultation, you will meet with our knowledgeable double board-certified physician, Dr. Raj Singh, at HEALOR Primary Care to learn more about LGBTQ health. He has worked with the LGBTQ community for a long time and has helped many begin their gender affirmation journey.

Gender dysphoria is the feeling that someone’s identity doesn’t match their biological sex. This can lead to depression, anxiety, discontentment, and even suicidal thoughts. Patients with gender dysphoria oftentimes choose to transition to their preferred gender. To do so, they must first learn if they are a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. We will evaluate if you’re healthy enough for treatment and run the necessary testing to help determine which hormones would work best for you.

What is transgender hormone therapy?

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