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Ultrasonic Cavitation

If you're seeking a noninvasive alternative to liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation may be the right choice for you to help eliminate stubborn fat.


If you're unhappy with the presence of stubborn pockets of fat in various areas of your body, ultrasonic cavitation may be ideal for you. This noninvasive alternative to liposuction utilizes ultrasonic sound waves that are able to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted fat cells and remove them from the body. Our staff at HEALOR are highly trained in utilizing this technology in order to help our patients love the appearance of their bodies. Visit our Las Vegas, NV office today to learn how this procedure may be able to help you reach your aesthetic goals.


Traditional liposuction procedures are invasive and often require weeks of recovery. Instead of putting your body through surgery, ultrasonic cavitation may be the answer. Benefits of treatment at HEALOR Primary Care include:

No general anesthesia necessary: You can remain awake and comfortable during treatment

No surgical incisions: Since no incisions are made, there is no risk of scarring or infection

Short treatment time: Most sessions at HEALOR Primary Care take less than an hour to complete

Efficient fat removal: Ultrasonic cavitation is able to target and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise


Ultrasonic cavitation is a great procedure for individuals who are at a healthy weight but have pesky areas of fat that resist exercise and diet and who prefer a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment option.


Men and women thinking about ultrasonic cavitation should have good skin laxity because it is not a treatment for loose or sagging skin. It is also important to know that ultrasonic cavitation is not a treatment for weight loss.


Women having ultrasonic cavitation should have childbearing behind them as this may compromise the outcome. During your consultation, we will explain the procedure more and help you set realistic expectations


Typically, we will first cover the targeted area of the body with an anti-inflammatory gel, easing the future recovery process. At this point, we will use an ultrasound machine to precisely target the treatment area.


These sound waves cause the fat tissues to vibrate, drawing blood to the area.


Once this happens, the tissues will naturally release fat, and the body will later remove it through the lymphatic and urinary systems. Patients often notice continued improvements for up to 72 hours after the procedure. Generally, we recommend for patients to undergo anywhere from 3 – 12 sessions with about three days between treatments


Does an ultrasonic cavitation treatment hurt?

No, most people don’t even find the procedure uncomfortable. Ultrasonic cavitation is a noninvasive procedure. Many patients have said it feels like a warmth, tingling, or “buzzing”, but it isn’t painful.


How soon do you see results with ultrasonic cavitation for fat loss?

Many patients begin to see noticeable results within three days that will continue to improve as the fat is expelled from the body.


How many ultrasonic cavitation treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed will depend on your health and aesthetic goals. In general, we suggest at least three treatments spaced three days apart, with patients having up to 12 total treatments to achieve optimal outcomes. During your consultation, we will examine you and listen to your concerns to help you decide on the right plan for you.


How long is a treatment session?

It depends on the size of the treatment area, but most ultrasonic cavitation treatments are completed in about 45 minutes to an hour.


Ultrasonic cavitation allows patients to enjoy many of the same benefits of liposuction without the need for invasive techniques or lengthy recovery times.


In just a few painless treatments, patients can soon achieve the body of their dreams.


Contact HEALOR in Las Vegas, NV today to schedule a consultation with a member of our team and learn more about this innovative procedure.

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